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Mystery Movie
Wellington > 02

Another great contribution from this team. The ye olde lift was great, as were the trousers. Nice use of dog and tattoo. Good hidden punch and popular kiss to wrap. Really enjoyable.

What if Austin Powers was a buddy movie? And what if those buddies were Sherlock Holmes serious types? Well mix that together with a penchant for quaint 1963 romance that carried through from time travelling that falls desperately out of kilt with tinder in 2016 and you kind of have this film. As always this team have delivered a very slick film with only a couple of minor issues; the film genuinely takes about 2 minutes to hit its stride, massively subverts the "mystery" genre and with most of the film narrated some may not like that approach. Personally I can overlook the narration and the slow start as we actually get inside the characters and are rewarded with a huge payoff.


'Suede' by Couch Kumaras was a good time. The film belonged to Mystery but could have been any of many 48HOURS genres including RomCom, Buddy and Time Travel. And Shock Ending. Would love to know if this was intentional?

The film did get better as it went on. And the best shot of the film was saved for last. Good performance from the lead. Art direction and location including the lift was en pointe. Overall, the film was top shelf. Nice work.


Realistically the only contender for finals in this heat, Couch Kumaras are in that league of 48 veterans who deliver beyond the average competitors.
A wholly enjoyable film, I particularly loved the opening setup. Did they cast that actor from Mr Robot?


I enjoyed the film and it was very well shot, But I don't understand what the mystery was? Great film, i think perhaps it would have been better in the Rom-Com or Time travel genre. The lack of an actual mystery let it down though


I thoroughly enjoyed the set up, great narration and charismatic leads, with stunning production value. An unfortunately disappointing ending for me, I'm not sure what the intention was - but I would've thought that we've moved past using homosexuality as a punchline.