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Comedy of Errors Movie
Wellington > 02

Took the 'Comedy of Errors' genre quite literally with a film about a theatrical audition and a Shakespearian focus. This presented a strong setup to showcase the required elements of the genre but being a film centred around an audition it meant the whole thing relied on verbal humour. Because the film was so static (I can't remember any camera movement) it meant that to deliver on a comedy of errors the look and sound needed to be on point, but in my opinion the cinematography was a tad flat, and the sound mix was variable to the point where I think I missed a couple of punch lines. I think some foley for the sound would have helped immensely because the cavernous audition hall did create an echoey feel due to using live sound.


Good fun and idea. Some good acting, costumes and location. I felt it was let down by the sound.


You played up the stereotype of the bossy/over-dramatic drama teacher pretty well and had some funny moments spread throughout. Like others have said - you would definitely benefit from working on your sound recording technique, as a lot of the dialogue was lost. There also felt like quite a few unnecessary camera angles/cuts.


I reckon this film demonstrated how one highly entertaining acting performance will cover over many cracks. Whoever was playing the enthusiastic and ott woman at the audition was comic gold. Basic idea of this was good, but as others said the sound was not great and some dialogue was hard to hear.