Toil and Trouble

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Cat and Mouse Movie
Wellington > 02

[DQ] I really liked the camerawork on show here and combined with the sawmill tingling violin score I felt a genuine sense of unease throughout, however I was also a bit confused. To explain, the fencing in Island Bay had me enthralled as the characters parried away with their foils only for one to be apparently bee stung. Or was it that being struck during the match took them on a flashback? But either way the action moved away from Cat and Mouse parry-riposte action to a singular character forest exploring Blair Watch inspired creep out. Whilst I personally loved the tone of the film I felt a slightly stronger structure given the genre would have been to the film's advantage.


Ok I had no idea what was going on - but in a good way. The fencing scenes were cool. The upside down all fours creature in the forest was creepy and strange.


This was a pretty good looking film but I was lost with the plot, the notes I made in the dark say fencing, bee sting, Blair Witch. When the violin score kicked in I thought that was very cool... but then it went on a bit too long.