Roses N' Guns

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Bro or Bechdel Movie
Wellington > 02

My first piece of advice to this team is to not allocate valuable time of your 48Hours short to characters waking up and doing housekeeping before committing to the storyline, unless it serves an absolutely critical function for your short (which I cannot think of for any 48Hours films ever). My second piece of advice is to pay close attention to your 50/50 line especially for conversations between characters based in the same room - I was thrown by the lounge scene that had this technical flaw.

I do apologise for starting with negative comments because I could see a real commitment to genre, and the two leads gelled nicely on screen. Injuries and disabilities have been played for laughs many times but you instead showed a strong sense of friendship and support through the quest for the long time mates to get to the Roses N' Guns concert. I think you had a couple of really nice outside shots and would have loved to have seen more exploration outside the apartment as staying inside created a reliance on exposition.


Saved by a nice ending, clever props for the tickets and band parephenalia. Perhaps could have been a little snappier in the edits.


There were some well crafted props and clever shots in this one and a very nice nod to the weekend weather.