Strange Pursuit

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Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 02

Blowfish's animations always have a wicked sense of wit like the kind of sneaky prank you might play on a grandparent. 'Strange Pursuit' continued this vein for the better and produced a fast paced cat and mouse forest game of deer versus hunter with a timelord in the middle. It also may have been the shortest 48Hours film ever? I haven't checked but it felt barely over 60 seconds and whilst I get that shorts are a slice and not features there could have been just a little bit more to the film than the one joke payoff.


I wanted more! 'Strange Pursuit' by Blowfish was a great animated short. It was well polished but I did feel it was cut short.


So cool & wonderfully short!


Technically strong and a super cool animation style. I love that you guys aim for super short films. I sort of struggled to follow the plot a little bit but hoping to watch it again soon!