Importance of Being Earnest

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Punk Movie
Wellington > 01

'Importance of Being Earnest ' by Bernard's Babes was a great take on the Punk Genre. The two lead actors were very convincing. Their costume also helped the characters appear punk. Well done. Some witty humour throughout the film. The camera movement during meeting the lady was very funny. This was a good film but it was really let down by poor quality sound. This wasn't helped at the cinema. It was often too quite to hear dialogue but it seemed more of a mixing issue because at other times, it was fine. Crisp sound and this film would have been very good.

Stoner crook punks joke about LG and grab what they can leading to an awkward heist of an urn. Solid interplay between the two lead actors but to me they came across as slackers more than anything.
Technically solid directing with some unusual but interesting camera choices however sound could have been more clean.