Purranormal Activity

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Bro or Bechdel Movie
Wellington > 01

'Purranormal Activity' by 12 Angry Memes looked was well shot with good lighting. Very moody vibes. Nice. It loses points for me on originality. The film is a parody of Paranormal Activity and borrows a lot from "Stranger Things" including the title lock up. Solid film but parodying existing content was uninspiring.

Not just good lighting - absolutely EXCEPTIONAL lighting in this film; I'd be genuinely interested in what tips and tricks were used to keep every image crystal clear in an old abandoned ghosthouse. Thank goodness someone in Wellington went bechdel and passed the test with flying colours!

Centred on an exceptional turn by Iris Henderson the team turned nancy drew on her head with a film heavy on dark spooky atmosphere but with a fun bent. Ouji boards and Stranger Things are indeed a little overdone at the moment but who can ignore a dead cat with something to say? Some great one-liners and whilst your lead actress stood out the rest of the crew also had solid screen presence. I did note a couple of audio spikes in the mix however it did not detract from the overall enjoyable film at all.