The War On Error

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Cat and Mouse Movie
Taranaki > 02
Pastafarian Productions">We had fun making this film despite the challenges of having only 2 people & bunny. We weren't able to be as creative with the shots as we wanted on account of writing a story that needed 3 characters! We just wanted to make a bit of a funny story about the kind of people that pretty much everyone either is, or knows :) Unfortunately the resolution of the projector let us down a bit with the text, so apologies for that--a bit sad given how many hours went into making those fake social websites!

Enjoyed this film. It was difficult at times trying to read the txt however I enjoyed how the movie came together at the end.


I always enjoy Pastafarian shorts. They are quirky and different. Well done with such a small team. Great film.


Thank you for your film. I did notice that the projector didnt really do your film justice. I did find the text hard to read but figured out by the characters response. Thank you again for your film and look forward to many more in the future.