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Comedy of Errors Movie
Hamilton > 04

Funny little work about some guys plotting revenge but never quite getting there.
Great gags throughout, hilarious performance from the guy riding shotgun and the best use of swears I've seen this year (not exactly creative, but quantity definitely counts for something in this case).
The special effects were also fantastic and the minor changes in the run-through of the plan each time were clever.
And congratulations on spawning a catchphrase.

Great dialogue and special effects, also loved the Edgar Wright style montages. Just wish there had been something to help us understand the motivation.


By far one of the funniest films of the night. It had everyone laughing with tears in there eyes. Great film for the genre!

Very funny!. Had everyone laughing great and funny storyline.

Good luck at the finals Moehau's team.

Great film, really tight action and good use of location and special effects. The drone shot added momentum as a camera movement, but don't think it really advanced the story. I noticed a few differences in shot quality but that probably just comes from being a picky filmmaker. Overall a hilarious film and brilliant script, well performed.