The Traveller

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Time Travel Movie
Hamilton > 04

Some 'what if' hypothesising leads to a spooky story-within-the-story.
So this film looked flash as: very slick and sweet use of drones. The chemistry of the mains was brilliant and the banter down by the river was both funny and natural.
An abrupt shift in tone when the story was being told was handled very well by the playful coming back to the real world. Spooky ending too.
And if that was real money this is probably the highest budget 48hour film ever. Good work.

Funny dialogue, well executed fantasies and cool horror scenes, but didn't get the story in the end.


Portraied very well. Loved all the $$$$$

An awesome start and slick production. The segue into a horror story was a bit of a let-down though, made it feel like two ideas kinda loosely linked together. Performances and script were 100%, really enjoyable to watch.