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Punk Movie
Hamilton > 01

I think my favourite part of this film was the subtle Scott Pilgrim implied reference where the very sudden romantic lead actress is Ramona, falling for Mr Flowers. It was quirky, with an intriguingly deep 4th wall breaking PSA, raised questions about who to flat with and told us conforming was not a bad thing sometimes.

conform'd: brought to you by THE RAMONES
poseur flatmates channeling Tim Roth and Gary Oldman trashing the place and getting on another flatmate's nerves.
This film had a lot of great moments: hilarious use of the prop - probably the most punk wool can get. The little PSA about the true spirit of Christm- er, punk was also brilliant and I really hope The Freudian Slits book some gigs cos the song was great.
I also like the self-mythologising you guys are doing with all the little references to your previous films - building your own little universe. keep it up!

Great film, really well shot and produced. Very well acted, and the script was really entertaining. I thought it ended a little abruptly - but maybe that's because I wanted to see more!