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Dystopian Movie
Dunedin > 01

Oh boy, what to say about this film!

This dystopian story where everyone has four legs (It was unclear whether it was a fashion trend or some sort of mutation) was immensely entertaining, with a nod to popular culture as well as George Orwell’s Animal Farm. While there was not a great deal to be said about the story or editing, the execution was in the realms of so awful that it was immensely entertaining and everyone enjoyed it all around.

My favourite of the night, it definitely got the biggest laughs. Genuinely managed to make wearing pants on your head quite dark and foreboding, by no trick of lighting either - scary on the beach, in the forest and in the office, while still also being very aware of the silliness of it.

The plot was very simple at heart, just a lot of running away from monsters until he realises he can't run forever, so maybe I would have liked more body to it, though given the runtime it wasn't much of an issue, but still it felt a little thin.

I think I caught the main character glance to the camera or smile a few times, and cutting between the office and the slideshow was a little jarring, though necessary. That being said, the sound was some of the most effective of the night, the tone was perfectly dystopia and the shots were some of the most memorable.