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Comedy of Errors Movie
Christchurch > 06

Two inept kidnappers are outsmarted at every turn by a sassy but caring Miss New Zealand.

A simple story with nice touches of humour throughout. It was just a little hard to believe that they never noticed her sitting in the back seat considering she made no effort to stay hidden. Fun and very much in the 48HR spirit. Nice job!

A humorous film, a few sound issues which detracted, this film would play better to an audience who did not know the area and could clearly see you were driving up and down the same street. Good character development and some witty lines overall a good film

Great storyline. Humours characters. Plenty of funny moments. Solid film team.


Greatly appreciated the bit with the knitting in the backseat. This is a very impressive effort, however, it was definitely obvious you were driving up and down the same street. Other than that, it was incredibly good and well thought out.