Every Romance Trailer Ever

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Christchurch > 06
Strang Entertainment">Every Romance Trailer Ever AKA TRUE.0 forever coming soon to a movie theatre near you.

Oh boy!

In a way, this is the perfect example of a 48 hour film. It embodies so much of the madness and craziness that the comp is known for, and combined with Strang's legacy, it really holds a lot of weight and has a lot of buzz surrounding it.

This film- or rather trailer- is utter chaos, and it will be interesting to see if the judge's consider this a good thing or a bad thing, because I truly have no idea.

Goddammit, this is a tough one to review. On its merits it's a beautifully made piece, with that typical Strang polish of gorgeous visuals and a snappy edit. And yet, and yet, I dunno, I get the impression they reeeeeally didn't want to make a Rom Com, and so kinda worked around it on a technicality, like that kid who turns up to the fancy dress party wearing normal clothes and a sign around their neck that reads I AM CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW.

Then again, perhaps it begins as mere pastiche but then somewhat transcends that, with the roll-call of tropes actually developing cleverly into a kind of escalating meta-narrative. There was certainly a narrative backbone to things to anchor you, most notably the Rom Com heroine. The device of returning again and again to her mother was also a nice touch, and established the rhythm of the variation, reset, variation, reset procession. Although speaking of rhythm, the acceleration started to get exhausting after a while, and towards the end I think I was craving a moment or two of stillness to offset the crazy.

One thing that's undeniable is that this film is a treasure trove of 'content', which is an impressive feat in itself within the 48-hour time constraint. This, alongside the meta-narrative (and a shared lead actress), brings to mind my favourite of Strang's efforts to date, their 2012 flick "True." (although I would argue that this new offering is one layer short of the lofty heights of that older film). But more than anything else, this is a triumph of well-executed genre-laundry-list cinema, and I suspect that a second viewing will reward me with the discovery of a few extra touches that I missed first time round.

Another solid entry by Strang entertainment I look forward to seeing rewatching to seeing this again at the finals. An original and yet classic Strang take on the rom com genre with such a fast passed edit you really need to be able to watch it again great use of all of the required elements and an amazing variety of shots for a 48 hours film can't wait for next year


As the title says: Every Romance Trailer Ever!

"Steak and Cheese Lies" & last year's "The Intervention" are two of my favourite 48HR films ever due in part to their high replay value. "ERTE" is going to continue that theme as there is just so damn much to see! Super slick in presentation we are slowly introduced to the overarching story-line before literally being bombarded with every Rom-com trope in the business. Visually it's a treat with a huge amount of content delivered within its short time frame. One I especially noticed was a recreation of one of the more famous scenes from Strang's 2012 film "True" - very clever!

How the judges will view this short is, as others have indicated, indeed a mystery. YouTube has a number of mash-ups of Rom-com films and tropes so it's not exactly unique. I'm pretty confident we'll see it in the final on it's share audacity alone. I certainly can't wait to see it again! I've also developed an unhealthy obsession for the characters Roz Ellis plays - but that's a story for another time.