The Mishappening

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Horror Movie
Christchurch > 06

In many ways the perfect film to start a 48HOURS heat. I'll not lie, things weren't looking hopeful early on, with some tell-don't-show writing and a somewhat awkwardly pitched lead performance (although the magical touchscreen dialling technique deserves a special mention). The cinematography featured grainy blue interiors struggling to find the light, and some of the visual storytelling was a bit muddy (the pool of blood was obvious enough for instance, but the second and third discovered scenarios I was a bit hazy on the specifics of).

But then things lifted with the twist of our protagonist's fate. Sure, probably a bit telegraphed perhaps, but it was certainly well-executed (pun, not intended, etc.), and the wee twist of the true story of the friend at the end was a fun change of style and pace. Even the title followed this trajectory, with what began seeming a bit of a clumsy and ill-chosen word become the perfect summation of what transpired.

My main feedback would be to think about how much or little dialogue is actually needed to communicate an idea or emotion, and how much of that can be conveyed via an actor's expression or a well-chosen shot instead. In particular with a genre like horror, less tends to be more, and so if a character doesn't say too much, then on the occasions they do speak we tend to lean in and pay more attention.


A young man arrives home looking for Charlie. He's not there but several pools of blood are!

Nice kill. Nice rack focus. Nice end. A fair attempt at a horror film without achieving any great heights of tension. As The Nimble extrapolates above, think about cutting unnecessary dialogue from your next film.

great horror feel through the movie, with a great twist ending, some camera movement would have added some pace to the movie as well as potentially adding to the horror vibe

Solid twist. Decent enough horror vibe.