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1. Mahnamana
by Haynesfilm Bunch
6. The Woman With Wool
by Definitely Not Celebrities
2. Roller
by PickleThugs
7. (Time) Travel Centre
by Chillybox
3. Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost
by Prime Rib
8. Tag, You're It
by Halcyon Entertainment
4. The Radical Adventures of Captain Flowers and his Sidekick Barnaby against the Legions of Evil. Episode 1: Fleeced
by I Love Loops
9. Munchies
by Jovial Entertainment
5. Punch you into next week man VS. Kick you into last week man: The Final Battle
by Gavelkind
10. Alcoholics Anonymous
by Walsgrave


1. 2 Fast 2 Fur-ious
by The Eh Team
6. Moral Fibre
by Motion Mechanic
2. A Disabled Account
by NZBS Pig's Guts Films
7. Stretch and Flex
by Boston Bear
3. Claws and Effect
by Crab Crab Crab
8. Chasing Love
by St Thomas Lads
4. Down to the Wire
by TBALC Alpha
9. Furryious Ambition
by Abyssinian
5. Trap
by Dragon V Mouse
10. The Endless Burden
by Unsuitable for Broadcast


1. The Lamentable Tragedy of Charlie Flower
by The Dandy Lions
6. Chasing Tail
by Astronomollusc
2. The Loom of Doctor Flowers
by Super Furious Ninja Dragon
7. Encore Une Fois
by Studio Giblets
3. Gaspode's Paradise
by Woof Bloody Woof
8. The Mysterious Demise of Justin Jones
by Show & Tell
4. SYD: A Discrimination Story
by Cat in a River
9. Symmetry
by Go Go All The Time
5. Kit-astrophy
by Paddle Pops


1. A Close Shave
by Cowps Productions
6. The Shoot
by IronEye Sees
2. Loop
by Squad
7. Stalk
by About What
3. Bromancing The Stone
by Team Indeed
8. She was a Soldier
by The Underground
4. Mind the Bullocks
by Kratos
9. TMG
by Majestical Unicorn
5. Nothing Buth The Truth
by The Big Picture
10. You're a Cop?
by Team Jethro 1987


1. Chemistry
by TAC Studios
6. Love is a Crime
by DF-10
2. Pssht...
by Totem Pictures
7. Goose Chase
by Team titanic
3. Who Are You?
by Camera Child
8. conform'd
by Danger Zone Films
4. The Thread
by Big Picture Minor Deets
9. Cabin in the Wool
by Slate 48
5. The Birthday Card
by Bad George
10. Remembering Q
by Hino Media Group


1. A Bro's Life
by Rubber Soul Production
6. A Kiwi Steal
by Bread and Butter Productions
2. Off Air
by Touching Cloth Productions
7. Russian Away
by The WAN Clan
3. Wool You Date Me
by Movie Moas
8. The Right Swipe
by Currie Street Creatives
4. The War On Error
by Pastafarian Productions
9. 121 Reigning
by Through the Lens Films
5. Knots: a Documentary on Puppetism
by Manawatu Misfits
10. One more time
by Misfits


1. 48 Hour Famine
by Purple Dragons
6. The Last Slice
by N2 Productions
2. BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier
by Dont Panic Pictures
7. Spearhead
by Accounting Bear Productions
3. How to say punk with your hands
by Daguerreotype
by Bork!
4. Party Pooper
by Team Stock Standard
9. Stuffed
by Some Like it Kiwi Hot
5. Con Troll Alt Delete
by Nutbar Films
10. Rhythm
by Pussy Power Palace