Cooking with Me

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One-Location Movie
Christchurch > 05

Charles hosts a cooking instructional but is having serious doubts over whether it has any value at all.

Yippee! The Otter are back and nothing has really changed; which is good & bad. Filmed from within and just outside a kitchen there is some interesting stuff here - namely the deep and meaningful musings of the lead which flow so naturally there can't have been a script. I enjoyed the fact that the filming of the cooking segments was lower quality then the rest of the film - nice touch.

Talky and sad and maybe not a popular film from the heat but The Otter are back so all is good in the world.

A strange film with a great monologue, one film doesn't mean one character, this team is full of hilarious potential and really need to push the envelop next year i believe that result will be spectacular. I think some more movement of the camera would add a lot more energy to the film.

Brilliant monologue in the middle. Some good comedy here too

The monologue had me in stitches. Loved the use of red lighting, it provides that psychedelic brilliance you guys do so well. One of the funniest films in the heat. Well done. Hope to see the pill popping cat from Bric-a-back Mountain in next years Otter entry.