Do Not Disturb

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Horror Movie
Christchurch > 05

Loved this film! It was extremely captivating and you absolutely nailed the psychological tension aspect of the horror genre!


A shift worker is awoken by a pushy salesman who needs just two minutes of her time.

In 2014, the No Budget Ninjas (working out of Whitebait Studios) made a very well-received mockumentary about a guy with dance tourettes. Let's just say that this film is a lot darker. Great camera work, well-edited and the acting too was very convincing. I was left wondering why she was like the way she was and so the story was perhaps a touch weak/convenient.

Overall a very accomplished piece though and could easily slip into the final.

Great twist, well acted and shot, one of the most creative uses of prop that I saw.

Nicely done. Great style on display here. Good ending too