Moral Fibre

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Puppet Movie
Christchurch > 05

Dad takes his daughter to the park and when she drops her soft toy it comes alive and plays catch-up!

This short was a lot of fun and really well executed. While a little "Toy Storyish", the story did have many original elements and the slow deterioration of the toy was well-played. I loved the change of facial expressions and there was obvious evidence of well thought out planning with this film.

A possible finalist, so well done!

One of my favourite movies of the heat a great puppet movie, great emotion on the puppets face well written, well shot
Definitely hope to see this at the final


Bloody beautiful film. Great puppetry!!! Solid story. Really well done.


Thank you for giving us an enjoyable movie.
A great idea for a puppet movie that used the wool prop very effectively.
The movie had a pleasant charm that was entertaining for all types of audience.
I liked the clever ideas used in this movie and the music matched the mood of the movie very well.

Well done Motion Mechanic

Definitely the sweetest film I saw in the competition. Had a lot of great elements to use the puppet effectively, including its changing expressions. Probably the best puppet movie I saw all competition too. Nice work!