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Dystopian Movie
Christchurch > 04

Great film could not believe this was a high school team writing and editing definitely rivalled some of the veterans in this competition you so be very proud of what you accomplished and I look forward to seeing how this team develops


In the near future the Omnicorp corporation controls everything.

This had a great start to it utilizing the art gallery and it looked fantastic. Then the quality sort of slid away with the audio getting a bit buzzy and out of sync in several parts. Pleased to see you cast well as it made for an authentic story. Well done!

I loved this teams take on the genre. Like A LOT! Good performances and some slick film making brought it all together.


Incredibly entertaining - the lead actor was very good and casted exceptionally well, If I hadn't have been told this was a school team I wouldn't have guessed it. Good job, Zesticles.