Strings Attached

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Puppet Movie
Christchurch > 04

Modern take on the puppet genre good audio and editing really looking forward to seeing how this team develops


A couple of teens have an accident which down the track leads to some very dark consequences. (Maybe?)

Another Kaiapoi High School effort. This short had some creepy use of music, was well acted and nicely edited. I especially enjoyed the neck breaking. Nice job!

Very dark. I liked it.

Nice flick! Dark and twisted.

One thing I'd focus on for improvement: Lighting the scene. The outdoor stuff looks great because it was sunny, and sunlight makes stuff look good. Indoors is trickier, depending on what resources you have. BUT you can still light a scene better even with a low (or no) budget. Find a reflective surface (white cardboard works fine) to use as a bounce, borrow some lamps and look up some tutorials on lighting a scene online. Good lighting can add a lot in horror, long shadows on the face adding creepiness and so on.

Anyways. Nice work and keep at it, some good storytelling there!


The editing was pretty good on this one, and some of the shots were quite good too. It pulled off the sort of twisted nature that the main character turned into though I think the performances weren't that consistent. The story could've been polished but I think the one thing that really didn't work for this film were the sound levels as some of the dialogue was quite low and all over the place compared to the SFX etc.