Chasing Love

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Rom-Com Movie
Christchurch > 04


Fantastic - really enjoyed this one.

Quality entertainment.

Great to see a st Thomas team representing. Stick with it loved the action sense flawlessly work d into the rom com. As part of Strang entertainment an St Thomas old boys team at heart I look forward to seeing how the St Thomas lads team develops


A group of guys receive an email that sends them in the direction of a girl. (something like that?)

This short had a great opening shot and then the quality dropped somewhat after that. There's a lot of walking and a nice blood effect but that's about all I remember!

First up. Mad respect for managing to put a gun fight with no women in it into your rom com. I wanted to stand up in the cinema and start clapping right there and then.

We also got rom com and lets just say things on friday night went from bad to worse before we managed to find something that worked for us.

So with this in mind i think you should all be really happy with your film. I especially enjoyed the ending. Really sweet and beautiful. You clearly got dealt the genre you where least prepared for but you totally pulled it off.

Virtute Scientiam Complete!

The movie was a bit confusing for me, I didn't really get the idea of your film. Are they all going after the girl?
Your team did really well with the team you had as you were an all boys team, so pulling off a rom com is definitely impressive. Next time I would work on my storyboarding more and try and convey your idea more!

All in all it was a great film and you did very well!