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Horror Movie
Christchurch > 04

Great horror feel to the movie good colouring brutal blood effects so key could have been developed more with less running but it worked with the genre a shame that it was disqualified otherwise it would have done well I look forward to seeing how this team develops


A group of guys go into the forest, make there way to the beach and have a chat. They start running when things turn bad.

This film was DQ'd for being late which is a shame as there were some good things that happened. Some of your colour grading decisions worked and the fact that you shot this on location added to the challenge. You executed some good stunts and looked like you had plenty of fun. I was a little unsure about what was happening in the story though and the quiet audio during the dialogue rich scenes didn't help this situation.

Be on time next year!

Bloody good make up and effects. Very impressive.

This film achieved quite a nice tone and style too.