Prey for a Holiday

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Real Time Movie
Christchurch > 04

Via split screen we see two converging stories with a young man's narration explaining his relationship with his girlfriend.

Dolphin have been in for a couple of years now and are certainly upping their game visually. They went for a serious take this year compared to some of the craziness of past entries and mostly succeeded. My issue is that not a lot happens and as such I didn't care much for the character at any stage or his eventual plight. A strong school entry though and they do have history in this comp.

Strong visuals. But to be honest im not sure what happened in the story. Well made film on the technical side though.


Certianly not Dolphin's best film, however they have upped their technical side incredibly since 'Half The Man I Used To Be'. The team tag was amazing.

Sad to not see dolphin fire this year. Was hoping to see a back to back win for this school team but they seemed to have lost their way and got caught up in the technical side while forgetting how amazingly they can tell a story. Next year try go back to your roots and remember that better audio doesnt make for a better short(and yes great job on the audio this year). Overall this school team has lots of potential in the years to come.