Furryious Ambition

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Cat and Mouse Movie
Christchurch > 04

The funniest film in the heat . Great take on cat and mouse genre. A long couch conversation could have been enhanced with some cuts pans or different angles but loved the rap battle


Our seemingly regular teenage girl has a crush on a guy. The only problem is that she is a closet furry and will need to convince him to "convert".

This was an imaginative take on the genre and a well played story. I loved the line "Come to the furry side - we're kinky." Well shot, constructed & received by the audience. Nice work!

Brilliant. Great story. Fantastic performances. Very funny.

Perhaps the ending was a little simple for me. But thats only because the set up and the rap battle where so good.

More from this team please.

If best teen team or best newcomer team is still a thing this would be my vote.


This was a wild ride. I absolutely loved it.