The Cindy Case

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Crime Movie
Christchurch > 04

Great ending, unfortunately there was a bit of an audio sync issue in some shots due to the adr , I would suggest trying to to move the camera more during shots instead of just tripod this would give more energy to the film and help it flow better. Some great make up skills I look forward to seeing how this team develops


After the murder of their friend Cindy the others in the group worry that they'll be next. They're also suspects.

Loved the facial hair, humour and you managed to successfully sync audio in a couple of places. Nice! Your interview pieces were a little repetitive and a work on for next year are your shot compositions. While it was fun in this film, kids playing adult roles is always a bit of a stretch. Try to tell some stories about yourselves - they'll play a lot more convincing.

Fun film. Nice story.