2 Fast 2 Fur-ious

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One-Location Movie
Christchurch > 03

Once again, the Eh Team comes out with a cracker. You certainly put paid to the saying "Never act with animals or children" by bringing your dogs alive. Definitely a contender for the Christchurch prize.

This film took me on a journey.

Seeing The Eh Team share our heat was both an honour and an omen: Probably the biggest threat in for the coveted audience favourite award.

Half-way through I found myself thinking maybe our little film still had a chance, even though you guys used great cameras, dogs, and the unstoppable force of charisma that is Hamish Parkinson.

But as soon as that damn dog started driving the car, I knew it was all over, and I happily concede to you guys once again.

Probably the best film I've seen in Christchurch, and I'd pick it to win the city and stand a pretty good chance in the grand finals.

Excellent pacing and story telling.

Slow motion chase scenes reminded me of "Stork Patrol" video by The Lonely Island

Would have liked to see the pug turn around for a last look goodbye at the end.

Good mixture of pathos and humor. In particular the diffing in the chase scene, and the "old bones don't stay buried long" were great.


A couple of dogs chat in the back of a car during a road trip. When they realise where the destination is they conspire to grant one final wish.

Another slick entry from The Eh Team that was a real crowd pleaser with its talented cast of dogs & humans. The story was of course well set up and the momentum built nicely to the moment of escape. As for the dog driving...well that was always going to happen & the illusion of the car reaching a bit of speed well disguised. My only real point of contention was that the voice of the dogs & driver all sounded ruffly similar - which I found a bit distracting. Dogs may look like their owners but do they sound like them?

Bound to be in the finals and competing once again for the top prizes.

The perfect 48hours film? Yeah. I think it could be.

Is love enough still might be my favourite film by this team (all teams) ever but this one is absolutely number 2.

Exactly what we all expect from The Eh Team... And a lot more! Brilliant story, beautifully shot, the dogs! Really not much that you could fault on this one. Great job

I'll start by putting it out to everyone that I loathe talking animal films. In my opinion, they are the ultimate cinema crime.
However, I fell in love with this film. I laughed myself into tears and I didnt even mind that I was watching aconversation between two dogs! It was brilliantly made and I cant even begin to express how gutted I was that you didnt not revieve a placing in the city finals.
Please post this magnifcent peice of art on the screening room ASAP because I cant wait any longer to se e it again