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Crime Movie
Christchurch > 03

While this "crime" film suffered technically, and the story was rather confusing at times (simple is best), the last scene with the hypnotizing priest had me belly-laughing until I cried.

This is the kind of film which stands out because you can tell the people who made it had a lot of fun, and that's really what it's all about.

The scene with the hypnotist psycho priest was a good laugh, although that and the newspaper introducing him felt a bit "tacked on"

The scene with the 2 cops and the boy in the metal box didn't need as much re-capping

A lot of good ideas in this film. Focus on one or two and take them up to 11.


There are children missing in Cashmere. Someone is responsible!

Team Fireworks love doing their own thing and they get hilarious results. I'm glad you've moved away from your talking animal films and still kept with landing interesting and surprising endings. Don't ever change.

Wow! What a lot of detail in the newspaper article at the start! It totally worked to set up the plot.

Loved the fantastic deadpan delivery- especially from the monk who wore a T-shirt under his robe.

Was he the thoughtful one? We used mind control in our film as well.

Only way I could have improved it would have been to include a raid from a SWAT team and a shoot out involving Monks with RPGs. Cool!

This film had a lot going on which both worked to kerp things interesting and hard to follow. The good sense of humour throughout was really nice.