Puppet To Society

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Puppet Movie
Christchurch > 03

A couple of years ago, you guys cranked out The Placebo Effect which I really liked. This year, while I don't think you quite delivered in the humour department, I can definitely see your skill set getting better when it comes to your camera, sound and editing work. It's not quite there yet, but I truly hope you guys continue to hone your craft so you can one day take out the whole competition:)


Four guys inspect the loot after completing a job. Our lead's conscience is challenged by puppets.

I felt that this short was actually played reasonably straight despite the puppets and there were some nice morals on display. The lead played the part well putting in a convincing performance. Nice work!

Considering you got puppet film i think this film brought it all together quite well. Good performances and approach to the puppet.

Considering this team had puppet genre they actually didnt do too bad. Started to fall away with the editing but if you stick with it then the potential to make some really awesome shorts is there.