The Chase

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Lovers on the Run Movie
Christchurch > 03
High Water Mark">Lovers engage in a game of hide and seek for the thrill of the chase. Contains a flashback to their one shot 48 Hours 2016 entry "Time Cops" - An all genre mash up. Low on production values, high on energy.

I'm so glad you've added a team comment to explain what was going on because looking at my notes I just had a big question mark across the page! But now I get it and the reference to the previous short. Manic, energetic and unsettling with an ending I didn't expect. Nice work!

Brilliant. Cant wait to see it again. I hope everyone involved is planning on doing it again next year.

I absolutely loved the one take all genres sequence. Bloody brilliant.

To me this is a clear winner for best bad film. I really hope i get to see it again on the big screen.