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Christchurch > 03

A very complete and sweet Rom Com. The strongest aspect of your film was probably your set, which looked very impressive!

Oh and of course, your original song :)

I really liked this one- it started off feeling like I was watching an episode of a classic TV show like Coro or Eastenders. Some well seasoned characters. Good use of the wool- I appreciate the time it would have taken to prepare that. Coming up with an original song of that quality must have been difficult as well. Nice work!


One woman complains to another about her non-attentive, unromantic and predictable husband.

This was a sweet little rom-com that was well-planned and executed right down to the bumpy ending. Flashbacks were used well, it was well cast and I loved the caravan at the end. Nice work!

Cute story that played out to an entertaining conclusion.