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Dystopian Movie
Christchurch > 03

OK, my plot summary for this is a little unclear in my notes so basically people are walking in Hagley Park. A woman meets Charlie and then things take a dark turn at the end.

I wrote down "twitch application" but have no idea what that means. I do remember someone getting whipped. So a bit all over the place and I'll do a fix-up review when the film is uploaded.

I was starting to day-dream a bit during this, but (I think it was this film) there was a moment where I noticed there was a wall with heaps of movie posters on it.

One of them was Commando.

I have thought hard about this for many years and Commando is my favourite film.
It is a pure action movie where every line is limited to bare minimum in order to get to the action, or sum up the character.
"You should know, you trained me"
"Slitting a girl's throat is like cutting warm butter"
etc etc.

Top marks for having great taste in films.

Commando is a good film.

I also cant recall this film and my notes didnt help much.

Good use on the line?