From, Charlie

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Mystery Movie
Christchurch > 03

Oh boy. No one does drama in 48 hours quite like Dystography Studios (though my favourite of your guys' films is still your shock ending comedy from a couple years ago).

FROM, CHARLIE is very tense, and of course, mysterious... Maybe a little too much in some places, as my overall grasp on what actually happened is a little loose, but that could just be my fault.

I'd expect to see Dystography once again grace the city finals with their presence!


After a man wakes up in a forest he starts to relive some sort of personal nightmare.

Yeah, Dystography Studios hit 2016 with another dark, deep and meaningful short. Production values were high all round and I especially loved your use of the rack focus and back lighting. Story-wise it did become very challenging to follow what exactly was going on and I imagine several viewings are going to be needed to fully comprehend.

Finals? Sure.

Dystography Studios sure know how to make a slick and stylish film. The mood and atmosphere where really strong.

Honestly. I couldn't follow the story though. Congrats on achieving the genre so well!

I suspect this film make sneak its way into finals which would be nice so i can see it again.