Charlie and Dick

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Rom-Com Movie
Christchurch > 02

A same-sex couple, Dick and Charlie, face a few home truths on the reality vs expectations of their relationship.

This short was well made, acted and received by the audience who lapped up the numerous dick jokes that regularly popped up. Personally, I found myself somewhat conflicted as to whether the film-makers got a genuine performance out of Dick or if they wanted the stereotypical over-the-top gay performance which is a little tired these days.

Still, a quality short and typical of something seen in the CHCH final.

Good use of split screen. The expectations / reality scene was the best part for me.

A bit of an over-reliance on dick jokes

Good songs

Cool use of split screen and a nice way to play out the expectations vs reality thing. something about the treatment of the gay characters felt just a little bit tone deaf to me though

Quite a good concept though.