The Rise and Fall of The Jaggy Plants

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Punk Movie
Christchurch > 02

I loved the spin that the characters came from wealthy and successful backgrounds and took great joy in finding failure and destitution.
Acting was great and I really enjoyed the characters.
A satisfying watch!

Loved the songs.

Concept was good, and I would have liked to see more heightening of the main idea - what would it look like pumped up to 11?


Mockumentary on the mega-popular (but fame reluctant) kiwi Punk Rock band, "The Jaggy Plants".

Cat House always produce interesting films in this comp and have continued the theme in 2016 by going to great lengths with their costuming in particular. The story itself isn't necessarily that strong and it all gets a bit slow and repetitive during the constant couch interviews - the argument scene especially. When the band plays the interest is much higher and the song that made them famous, "Angry Bastard", is a real winner. Overall, enjoyable but outside of interviews we really didn't see enough of the band in action and their journey to care anything for the characters themselves.

Very entertaining and clever film. Probably the best use of this genre i saw.

The subtitles gag was great. The whole concept was really great