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Mystery Movie
Christchurch > 02

Charlie wakes up rather confused to find that everyone is seemingly dead. It is indeed a mystery and Charlie looks to solve it.

Buff Films have competed before in one guise or another and have served up a rather dark, complicated short for 2016. Carl Aiken (great in the soon to be released short, "Seasons of All Natures") plays the lead role convincingly and effectively carries the narrative forward as a result. Technically, the short could be a bit sharper, in particular the audio which is a bit hissy and does jump in and out somewhat. Likewise putting a bit of thought into removing unnecessary wind noise from scenes without dialogue and replacing with an ambient track would add a bit more polish.

A well executed short though and this one has a surprise ending.

Hard core 3d titles


Nice commitment to the mystery genre! Unfortunately i was left unsure of how the story played out.