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Bro or Bechdel Movie
Christchurch > 02

Two guys camp in a peaceful forest and carry out less than serine activities.

This team from ARA NZ Broadcasting School show off their talents in this grim, brooding, dark bromance. Cinematography, grading, sound and editing are all top notch with the natural light of the forest used to great advantage. The two leads do a pretty good job at carrying what is, at times, a fairly meandering story-line; and one that wasn't super clear to me anyway particularly as to the motivation of the two gents. The camera switched often between POV camcorder and traditional which was nice effect albeit somewhat distracting at times.

A quality short and strong contender for the final and cinematography awards.

Good rack focus

I liked the tone and especially the look of this film.

Ill need to watch it again to understand the specifics of the story though.

You may dissagree but i think you should have Letterboxed the 16:9 footage inside of the 2.35:1 footage. The widescreen footage looked great on the big screen. The 'raw' fullscreen video footage just felt too big by comparison

The colours and cinematography where great. Should get a cinematography nom :)

Zac Neill

Agree with Rowan here; cinematography was really strong in everything but the handheld, which for me detracted more than it did help the overall film.

I enjoyed the concept once I picked up on it halfway through, maybe an outside chance for CHCH finals? For sure a cinematography nod.

You guys seriously killed the production! Caught my eye instantly.