The Second Girl

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One-Location Movie
Christchurch > 02

A young woman finds a dropped GoPro in the park and in an effort to thoughtfully find the owner things get a little dangerous.

This short was well set up and complimented by tidy camerawork, editing and audio quality. A nice creepy tone was established and there were genuine moments of impending doom that had been skillfully thought through. A couple of things bugged me though: 1) the killer arrived during the day seemingly intent to get in but waited until it got dark; 2) the ending played a little weak which was disappointing given the way the story had been set-up.

This film could find itself in the finals though and as such is naturally one of the stronger films from this heat.

Good sound fx

Confusing ending. I guess she was going to try to kill the killer, but I missed out the details other than the bell on the door.

Excellent build up and tense vibe

Quite a strong film. I was properly freaked out at one point during this short so well done. Some very good tracking shots over all This film was technically very well made.