Stretch and Flex

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Puppet Movie
Christchurch > 02

Our lead finds himself kidnapped and in a precarious position when a disturbed shaman is able to control him like a puppet.

This was a visually impressive short but it will probably polarize viewers with it's content and delivery. Funny and unsettling it's not your traditional puppet film but something more out of team Crab Crab Crab's file of lunacy. Well acted, a great location and set design. Could easily find itself in the final. Awesome work!

Absolute gold. Definitely my favourite of the heat. Nice work gang!

With the lead villain channeling equal parts Heath Ledgers joker and Old Gregg, and an unsettling costume for the puppet, this film takes the cake for best visuals.

The music and rapping were a highlight for me.

The main plot was clear enough, but I was left with a few unanswered questions about the motivation for the bear, and what part the doll in the bushes played.

Enery and gusto to spare. Two thumbs up

Strong film. Good use of grenre. Cool locations, good sense of style. I liked how it all came together in the end which is more than you can say for most films in 48hours!

I quite enjoyed the gimp too. The weirdness of this film felt very authentic.

Great film! Really strange, in the best way. Really enjoyed the comedic elements, overall a great film.