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Punk Movie
Christchurch > 01
Pizzafilm">The strange artsy short about a punk questioning his beliefs and identity. Heres a link if you want to re-watch before you leave a review: Thanks!

A gloomy young man questions his identity and laments how the establishment is holding him back.

This looked superb on the big screen from the outset and was extremely well edited. It seemed very "Birdman" inspired with its long takes and persistent drum beat. Really effective use of back lighting in a couple of scenes and your lead actor did a fine job. I was somewhat let down by two aspects: one) there was no real rage or frustration that I'd expect from this genre and two) linked to the first the lead seemed to accept his fate which was kind of a let down.

With the skills and obviously high-end gear available to this team they should do well if they keep entering. The highest quality film of the heat but perhaps too deep and meaningful for the audience in attendance at the screening.

PS - Not sure if you should be posting on YouTube yet unless you're wanting to fight the establishment and get yourselves disqualified!

Nice drone shot.
Seemed more Jazz than Punk.

Nice looking film. Very strong use of audio and music.

Cool concept too.

By far the most visually appealing film in the heat. Cinematographer deserves a gold star, was extremely well done. The lead actor did a great job and the locations were used well. The film clearly had a great, deep meaning, however I was left unsure of exactly what it was -perhaps by my own stupidity- but perhaps something a tad simpler would have been great. It's great to leave the audience thinking, however I was left a little confused. Great film, can see how it was a top contender for people's choice. Good effort.