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Crime Movie
Christchurch > 01

Charlie Flowers is called out of retirement to find some kids who have been kidnapped.

OK, some good things happened during this. Clearly hit the genre, there was some solid acting and the news graphic was nicely done. Next steps: Improve your audio quality and mix. Some of the dialogue was hard to hear. Also, try to create a story that plays to your strengths of being a young cast. So often school teams play adult roles and while it's good fun it limits the realism of your film.

Nice job!

Fast setup!
Ending was a bit of an anti-climax, I would have liked to see a big finish.
Lots of action!

Some funny lines

Film was a bit jumpy and audio made it at some points difficult to understand what was going on. My attention was not held in the film's entirety, yet the ending left me in laughter and brought the film into the light. Looking forward to the future for this team.