Then this happened

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Comedy of Errors Movie
Christchurch > 01

A young woman has had a very bad day - she's late, fired, evicted and has something in her eye.

This was a fun little film in many respects that tried really hard to convince us that their locations weren't what they clearly appeared to be - which was a school staff room, locker room, class room etc doubling for flats. The performances were good albeit that your cast was a little young for the roles they were portraying. I loved a couple of your lines "The wool doesn't like negative vibes" for example and the short was competently edited. Next steps: Beg, borrow or steal a decent microphone to eliminate any unnecessary wind noise.

Nice job & thanks for the interview!

Loved the fx with the knife in the eye

Hilarious performance from the friend who has the house.


I liked the quirky story, even if it felt a bit unrealistic.
Solid acting and pacing.