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Cat and Mouse Movie
Christchurch > 01

A voice over explains how a class of under-achievers have somehow managed to pull Excellence grades. Cheating is suspected and our leads are on the case.

I was so pleased to see your well populated classroom. So often in school films you find the 48HR team of 5 or 6 and no one else! A good concept that was, in general nicely constructed. Next steps: Investing in a good microphone would help alleviate some of the unnecessary wind-noise you collected.

I enjoyed the good look at the camera for delivery of "One more time" line

Weird tone with some funny meta moments


I found the plot difficult to follow, and the ending had little impact.
Good acting and establishment of the environment and situation.
The script seemed a little but rushed and maybe the characters weren't as developed as they could've been.
Film had good editing and excellent pacing.