Stay Alight

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One-Location Movie
Christchurch > 01

I loved your execution of the idea!
The film looked and sounded fantastic, the beats and timing were perfect, and I thought you did an excellent job.
The story was definitely very minimalist (it definitely fit with what you had done), but maybe a revelation or a twist at the end would've taken it to the next level?
Awesome job guys!

A very atmospheric and tense film from a school team who shows a lot of promise. You guys have got your tone down, and I'd love to see you focus on more of a story in your future endeavours, and eventually drop the phoney American accents :P


A young girl, alone in the dark, receives a series of voice messages from those concerned by her whereabouts.

Tense and gloomy this short got my attention pretty quickly with its clever use of lighting via the striking of matches and eerie ambiance. However, it all become a little too repetitive for me and and the lack of revelation at the end left me somewhat unsatisfied. A very mature school effort though and I look forward to seeing you back next year.

Great shots, very moody
Good amount of story - didn't try to pack too much in, so it all had room to breathe.

Ill need to revisit it to properly understand it but this film was nicely moody and visualy striking.

Really well done. Was captured the whole time until the ending. Had great potential however the unresolved finale left me a little disappointed. Great acting though, and loved the use of the matches and lighting. Looked really good.