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Christchurch > 01

After successfully committing a heist, one of the three criminals splits with the loot leaving the other two to hire Charlie Flowers to find him.

This short was nicely edited and featured some effective back-lighting. The lead playing Charlie did his best Christian Bale "Batman" voice throughout and even though I found the constant bro "this a& that" references a bit annoying the central idea that the "Bro-code" had been broken was a useful plot point. Nice work, gents!

Good tone and humor

Fast paced and delightfully stupid

I like entries that don't take themselves too seriously, and you did a great job of that.

The bro code. Decent enough story and everyone played their parts well.


Good self-aware humour, and ironic use of the genre.
The music was an interesting choice, maybe find something a little more fitting to the mood next time?
Acting was done well from everyone.
Enjoyed the plot twist at the end!