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Dystopian Movie
Christchurch > 01

In an empty looking lecture theatre, four or five students sit a test. Charlie quickly drifts off, finding himself in a strange land.

An interesting concept for this tricky genre that was somewhat bogged down by inconsistent audio and some odd jump cuts in the edit. The roll call at the start seemed unnecessarily long (unless there was a reason for it!) so next time, get into your story a bit quicker.


I liked the concept, reminded me of The Matrix's essential themes. The transitions between shots made the film difficult to understand and uncomfortable for the audience to try engage. I also noticed that in many shots there was a lot of motion blur, was this intentional? it was quite distracting (particularly when Charlie was pointing at the other characters, his arm was very blurry and stretched) Learn and practice the skills of good cinematography over the next year so that you can present your concepts to the best of their ability next 48 Hours!

Strong take on the genre. Just needed some stronger scenes and energy.


Felt like there was an idea for a story but it never got developed in the final film?
I liked the use the posters and set, helped establish a universe.
Watch out some continuity stuff (Before the main character falls asleep, he has paper, and at the end he has a laptop?)
Wasn't a fan of the "It was all a dream" twist at the end.