Guess Who

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Mystery Movie
Christchurch > 01

Liked your concept, and thought the twist was excellent!
Let down by your acting I think, maybe a bit of background character development (histories, relationships, etc) would've helped the actors channel their intended characters more, and some more decisive directing about delivery of lines and mannerisms.
As for story, maybe some establishment of the environment before you launched into your story would've helped orient the audience?
Overall - well done!


At a hillside home a teen is brutally murdered. Who did it? Everyone is a suspect!

First team up for 2016 in CHCH managed to establish an eerie tone with their mostly effective use of lighting & music. While quite dialogue heavy at points the story did move along nicely (thanks to some good editing) to a logical albeit predictable conclusion.
Next steps: Get a decent mic & don't rely on camera audio. As mentioned above, your lighting was good until some of the meaty kill parts during which we couldn't see all the gory details! Nice work!

Good job, but the title was a bit of a give away

Nice concept that was seen through to a fun ending. .