A Ripping Yarn

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Bro or Bechdel Movie
Auckland > 13

Steampunk adventure with some fun vfx. I don't really get what the protagonists were up to at the start and everything in the story was quite coincidental but it managed to stay fun. This team knows their steampunk but that seems to overshadow everything else to their detriment, worry a bit more about story and less about having 6 guns going at once.


Everthing but the story.
Special effects, excellent costumes, good performances. It was just missing a worthy script
Look forward to seeing more from this team.

The costumes and props in "A Ripping Yarn" are probably some of the best in the competition. That said, I was left a little disappointed because not enough attention is put in the story, favouring visuals. It makes a spectacle, but one that can be hard to follow.

But f**k it. You can tell the team had fun making it and that's what matters.

Great costumes and props. And that's it. This team once again seemed to have a whole lot planned out before the weekend and tried to inject the required elements into that. I applaud them for only sticking to one subculture this year, but it just felt so forced. The dialogue, or at least that which I could discern (so quiet?), was overly verbose. I get that these are supposed to be Victorian-esque characters but it didn't feel natural at all to me. Speaking of unnatural, let's talk about the VFX. OK, I know, it can be hard to get it all done in 48 hours. I get that, but this team is consistently trying to saturate their work with portals and lasers and what-not. It didn't look like they were even close to getting them all finished this year and the film suffered greatly for it. Also, maybe I don't understand steampunk as well as I thought I did, but portals and lasers? Really? Where was, you know, the steam?

I would love to see this team try something different. Drop all of the various trappings that they usually cling to and go simple. Focus on making a good story rather than figuring out how to explain the peculiarities to a bemused audience.

Guys you had such a good production value, costumes and effects were great, but the story was so muddy and confusing. Maybe the 5 minute format threw you but would love to see what this team could do with a simple story line. We make films to tell stories and this one was a tough one to follow.

Okay, yes, the costumes and props looked fantastic. Probably the best of this heat, even.
But, to be honest, it felt a little like they were the starting point for the film. Like, the planning started with "we have these great costumes and props" and you kind of worked it from there - which is how we ended up with an unnecessary time travel subplot in a bechdel movie.