Banana Bread at The End of The World

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Time Travel Movie
Auckland > 13

Was a little confusing, the first montage made me think that the characters were already time traveling, but then suddenly the end of the world was coming up with no escape. The way he found Charlie was a bit nonsensical too but it was a cute film with cheesy performances and art department that matched reasonably well.


I enjoyed the hamminess of the film even though it was a bit hard to follow.
The montage cut through time was the highlight for me!

It's always a shame being at the end of a heat, because audience members have either been drained or wowed by your competition. Whether due to this or simply because of how it was shot, I have no idea what "Banana Bread etc." was about.

Some cool prop work was great, but the editing left me confuzzled.

Advice to the filmmakers: You had a tough genre for five minutes, but you still could have created something more coherent by simplifying the concept. The simpler the film, the more work you can out into honing it. Write to suit the challenge - then create your ultimate time travel end-of-world short when you have more time.

Time travel movies are confusing enough - you definitely needed to straighten out your timeline on this one!