The Inheritance

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Real Time Movie
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A captivating performance from Everisingsun (AKA The Brick) but that's probably just me being nostalgic, but I think you guys thought so too considering that extended smile shot. A few editing mishaps and a story filled with characters that are impossible to love(all they do is moan or brag) left me losing interest. A happy ending could have redeemed this a little, instead you made your lead look like an ungrateful dick which is a mistake.


A good idea that just wasn't quite executed.
Characters that weren't likable left me not caring what happened.

I don't want to be mean, but this film was one of the less enjoyable flicks of the heat. WhoFlipped shouldn't dismay, though, because the lesson to learn is very clear.

Advice to the filmmakers: The key issue with "The Inheritence" lies with its characters. For an audience to engage with a picture, they must must must be rooting for the protagonist. The other characters can be evil family members, that's fine, but if we don't like the lead, we won't want her to win. When writing your entry next year (please come back, I'd love to see another film in 2017), really think about that main character. Make us want them to win, and we'll be on your side :)

I'm not even sure what happened in this film. More time should have been spent making a likable protagonist than shooting unmotivated tracking shots. I really didn't understand the remark about the main character 'getting what she deserved'. I must have missed something, or something might have been missed?

The ending was weird too. First I thought the runner was just waiting for the main character to move on, but I think they just were waiting for a cue despite being smack in the middle of shot. I dunno, this whole affair felt more looks rather than substance which. Spend more time on your story, guys. You'll be better of for it!

Serious movies - those that take their genre head on and don't try to have a laugh at it or themselves - are a hard task at 48Hours.
In the case of The Inheritance, I think the idea just wasn't as solid as it needed to be for a film of this type and style. The framing and visual style was pretty good. It just didn't have a strong story behind it.